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Would you go to the other side of the world to meet a person on social media after just a few text messages? Hell, to the NO!

We all know social media can be a dangerous place and we want you to be safe. Our in-app chat functionality helps to start the conversation and ensure a safe communication process. Au Pair Legend values your safety. So, please, make safety your priority. Here is some safety tips to consider.

Au Pair Tips

  • Put together a list of questions to ask the potential host family.
  • Conduct an interview via video Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime. Ask to meet all the family members.
  • Get your parents, guardian or friends involved in your selection process. It’s always helpful to get a second or third opinion.
  • Ask for reference from any previous Au Pairs.
  • Ask for police checks on all family members over 18.
  • Do a Google, Linked in and Facebook search on your potential host family.
  • When you select the family make sure you ask for a copy of their licence / passport, full address and telephone numbers. Leave a copy with your own family when you go. Contact your family as soon as you arrive, check-in to location on Facebook, etc. Arrange a time to check-in with your family regularly, although, I’m sure mom will check-in with you!
  • If your host family asks for you to send money over to them DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY. Chances are they are scammers. If anything like this occurs please report their profile in the app or notify us at
  • Once committed to a family be sure to keep a record of both their address and your local embassy.
  • If anything does not add up, don’t take any risks. Look for another family.

Host Family Tips

  • Make sure you have a video chat with the Au Pair (Most use Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime)
  • Have a list of questions ready to ask your Au Pair.
  • Ask for contact details to conduct references with previous host families. If this is the first time they have Au Paired then ask for work or personal references.
  • Research them on the internet. Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are useful.
  • Get a copy of relevant certificates, such as Childcare Certificates, Police Check, Working With Children Check and First Aid.
  • Get a copy of their licence, passport and visa prior to their arrival.

Someone breaks the terms of use? If you believe someone has broken the terms of use please report their profile in the app or notify us at We will investigate the reported profile and block it if there is proof they have broken the terms of use. 


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