How to spot Au Pair Scams on Facebook

How to spot an Au Pair scam on Facebook

I've noticed so many scammers on the Au Pair Facebook groups and decided to dedicate a post to explain how the scam works, how to spot a scammer post and what you should do when you see one.

How the scam works
They put a post on a Facebook group looking for an Au Pair. Usually, they say they are a family in the US (sometimes UK), in a city like Miami Florida. It looks like a normal post but at the end they add their email address and ask for a resume or dear host family letter. Sometimes comments are disabled on the post to stop people from calling them out.

The profile that posted also looks normal, they have a few photos of a happy family and their locations is set to somewhere in the US like Miami Beach, Florida.

When you email them that's the start of the scam and everything from that point will be done over email (see example below).

This is how the scam works:

  • Build your trust over email
  • Tell you you are a perfect fit
  • Tell you about the great pocket money ($850 USD per week), free flights, amazing accommodation, etc.
  • check
    Ask what agency you are with
  • check
    They will give you the email of their US agency to discuss next steps (Spoiler alert: it's the same person)
  • check
    The fake US agency will send you emails with lots of information about becoming an Au Pair in USA
  • check
    Finally they will ask for money to join the program and email you a western union link to pay around 1650 USD

How to spot the scam
If its too good to be true? ... its a scam! Here are a few tips to help spot the fake posts:

  • Its a post to become an Au Pair in USA. (Sounds obvious... 99% of posts from families in USA are fake. Host families in the US legally must use a US designated agency)
  • Their email is in the post. (Real families do not share their email publicly)
  • Comments are disabled. (Sometimes)

Still not sure if its a scam? Check their Facebook profile. Does it look suspicious? Check who liked their pictures... if most of the likes are from suspicious countries it is a scam.

Want to see one? Open Facebook and search search for "Au Pair Miami", they will all be fake posts like this:

What to do when you see a fake post
I recommend you do the following to protect yourself and others:

  • Do not communicate with them!!!
  • Report to the Group Admin (tap 3 dots on top right of post)
  • Give Facebook feedback on the post (tap 3 dots on top right of post)

Example email 
This is an example email that we received from a scammer:

actual scam email

Subject: (No Subject)

We are loving and Energetic family staying in Miami FL, We are looking for an Au Pair to take care of our 2 lovely kids

we are searching for a responsible and a friendly person who will be helping the kids with their assignments ,teach them new things , new language , new culture etc   , 

Di****  is 7years old and Pa******  is 4 years , they both love going out to places like beach, parks ,Going to cinemas, and swimming etc ,  , I'm sure you would have seen most of the activities they love doing on Facebook .

You will be attending a Language class a component of participation in the Au pair  program only if you want too, participants are required to take a total of six semester units of approved classes at an accredited U.S. educational institution, this is an opportunity to meet new friends, learn more about American culture and become more immersed into your host community. We will contribute up to $500 toward your class tuition

 You will be working 6 to 7 hrs daily ,  5days in a week , Saturdays and Sundays will be your off days and we will be paying you weekly wages of $850, we will also give you a car that you will be using while during your stay as an Au pair with us .

 Your daily schedule will be as listed below 

07:15 Help children get dressed and tidy up their room

 - 07:45 Help with family breakfast. , sweep the kitchen floor

 - 0815 drive the children to school if you know how to drive or put them inside the school bus 

08:30-09:15  Load the washing machine and turn it

on  before language school 

 - 09:15-15:00. Pick the children from school

15:30 _Play with the children and help them with their school activities

15:45 _Help prepare food for children's tea

16:00 Bath the children

-16:45 Host mum arrive back from work.

Here are some questions that will help us know if you fit the position 

Are you a member of any Au Pair agency ?

Are you available to switch your Agency if my family seems to be your perfect match??

Are you financially ready for your documentation program ?

Did you believe that you can provide all the requirements needed to start your j1Visa process ?

Are your family aware that you are looking to be an Au Pair in USA ?

We will direct you to one of the Agent Au Pair Coordinator known as Mary Pates, she will be the LCC in charge of your documentation process , she will tell you the list of requirements that you need to provide , How to make payment , She will also send the forms needed to fill as an Au pair and the total pay cost for the program is $1650.

Let us know if everything is suitable for you so that we will be able to direct you to Sarah Wolf regarding the Visa Process.

Best Regard,



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